About Us

The Progressive Christian Artists Network exists to help progressive Christian artists find and support each other, as well as to help others connect with those artists.

There is no single definition of what a "progressive Christian" is.  Our network includes artists and their supporters with a variety of theological, cultural, and political perspectives.  Labels like "liberal," "left," or "evangelical" need no apologies here, but neither are they sufficient.

That being said, there is a certain family resemblance within the network.  If you or your church are committed to tolerance, inclusion, social justice, and critical reflection upon scripture and tradition in your walk of discipleship, you will find community here.  If you find yourself leaning forward toward emerging expressions of Christian worship and ways of understanding the divine, then you'll be glad you came. 


Photo by B. Brandsmeier


PCAN was started by four progressive Christian musicians:
Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, Christopher Grundy, Andra Moran,and Bryan Sirchio, in conjunction with SHIFT events, designed to bring progressive Christian artists together.  With input from the PCAN community, they continue to serve as the leadership team for now.

This website was designed and is currently curated by Christopher Grundy.  Please use the contact page for questions and suggestions about this site. 
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