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Agape (David Scherer) Hip-Hop/Spiritual Ministry of rapping, dancing, and storytelling. 
Andra Moran Folk/Country/Worship Andra’s music expresses both a deep sense of faith and a mature sense of self. She attributes that to being the daughter of two insightful, progressive ministers. 
Bryan Sirchio Folk/Children/Worship Progressive, substantive, and inspirational Christian music 
Christopher Grundy Folk/Acoustic/Worship Christopher is a performing songwriter whose work currently focuses on songs for group singing in worship. He is Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship at EdenTheological Seminary. 
Dana Decker Pop/Rock/Funk/Worship Dana Decker's writing brings his own love for contemporary secular music to liberal faiths with songs written in the pop, rock, and funk vernacular.  
Diana Tyler Worship/Rock/Pop/Folk/Blues/Country/Gospel "Earthy songs about heaven...and heavenly songs about more earthy things, too." 
Jeff Lowery Acoustic/Rock/Worship Jeff is a United Methodist Clergy in Oregon writing progressive Christian songs for all ages.  
Jodi Y. Graham  Worship/Acoustic/Contemporary Jodi's message is inclusive in nature and her music is a blend of worship, acoustic, and contemporary genres. Her expressive style is unique with the ability to unify diverse groups of individuals for the purpose of worship and praise of our creator God. Her music focuses on the boundless grace and healing love of Jesus Christ. 
Jonathan Rundman Folk/Rock/Spiritual Born and raised in the isolated Finnish-American communities of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Jonathan Rundman has been writing songs and performing across the country since he was 18 years old. 
Jonathan Talmadge Folk/Rock/Songwriter/Worship Jonathan provides progressive Christian music with inclusive language, social justice themes, and thoughtful questions. Jonathan's music is provoking, challenging, funny, inspiring.  
Kirk Moore Folk/Blues/Rock/Worship Kirk is a songleader who doesn't write many songs, but loves to sing the gems others have written. 
Kyle Hancharick Folk/Rock/Songwriter A 21-year-old Christian songwriter from NY just trying to spread a little peace and love. Debut album (EP) now available!!! 
Mike Davis Contemplative/Spiritual Contemplative music that creates a sacred space of calm and deep peace. 
Randy Creath Improv/Rock/Worship The music runs the gamut from angsty love songs to majestic worship music to hard edged guitar rock anthems to bluegrass caroles to solo piano improv. 
Richard Bruxvoort Colligan Singable, melodic community songs Singable songs for progressive communities in a wide range of styles, including rocking choruses, cantor-choir liturgical pieces, Taize-like chants and post-modern folk-pop hymns. Theologically, expect expansive language for G-d, deep commitment to GLBTQ celebration, and lots of play with Process metaphor. 
Sara Kay Jazz/Folk/Acoustic/Worship Sara Kay sings and writes progressive spiritual music. Her lyrics focus on fresh images of God, enjoying the sacredness of daily life, finding hope in difficult times, celebrating the beauty of Creation, etc. Plus she writes completely re-imagined lyrics to familiar hymn tunes. Sara also sings in the Sugar Daddys Jazz Band. 
The River's Voice Folk-pop acoustic duo Trish and Richard Bruxvoort Colligan sing and play together at retreats, big events, churches and living rooms because they love to. Original songs about becoming human and noticing everything.  
Tracy Howe Wispelwey Alt/Folk/World/Worship Imagine Ani DiFranco doing worship backed alternately by the ambient Hammock and Middle Eastern and African instrumentalists.  
Showing 18 items