Support PCAN

How can I support PCAN and its work?

So nice of you to ask.
  • Get the word out!  Like this site on Facebook.  If you have your own site, add a link to this one.  Tell your friends about us.  Run a Facebook or Google ad campaign on our behalf, using any free, introductory credits they give you.  Make your own bumper sticker.  Hang a sign on your dog.
  • Find ways to volunteer.  Browse the site looking for things that could be tidied up.  Tell the group that you'll help other artists set up a simple website so they can get listed under "Find an Artist."  Ask the webmaster about helping to get the PCAN Lectionary Project pages set up.  Go promote the site and post links out on the web.  Post a compliment a day for one week. 
  • Let an artist know you found her/him through PCAN.  This strengthens our network in multiple ways. 
  • Include PCAN and the progressive Christian movement in prayer.  It's good for us, it's good for you.  Everybody wins. 
  • Make a donation?  Nope.  Sorry. We're not a registered non-profit.  All our activities, including this site, are done by volunteers, and the minimal site costs are underwritten by a gift from Eden Theological Seminary.