How do I join the Progressive Christian Artists Network?

It's easy as pie. Find the PCAN Facebook group, read over the description of the group, and if you feel like it's a good fit, ask to join.

May I join the network even if I'm not an artist?

Oh come on. You know we love you. Anyone who wants to be involved with arts for the progressive Christian movement can join.

How can I contribute to the PCAN commons?

1. Join our network. You do this by joining the Facebook group.

2. Make sure you have a creative commons license for your work.

3. Email a direct link to the particular piece you want to share, along with some kind of photo, to us at pcanartists@gmail.com.

How many pieces can I contribute to the commons?

We would encourage you to choose one piece (art, music, poem, etc.) that best represents your work. If, at a later time, you'd like to add another piece, you may. We may choose to remove your earlier work, depending on our current needs.

Art by Laura Norton.