Support PCAN

How can I support PCAN and its work?

So nice of you to ask.

  • Get the word out! Share this site on Facebook. If you have your own site, add a link to this site on yours. Tell your friends about us. Make your own bumper sticker. Hang a sign on your dog.
  • Get involved. Post your work in our Facebook group. Comment when others post. Ask for something you need.
  • Let an artist know you found her/him/them through PCAN. This strengthens our network in multiple ways.
  • Include PCAN and the progressive Christian movement in prayer. It's good for us, it's good for you. Everybody wins.
  • Make a donation? Nope. Sorry. We're not a registered non-profit. All our activities, including this site, are done by volunteers, and the minimal site costs are covered by The SHIFT Collective.
We're not nuts, just artsy.